Sound Selekta 88

Sound Selekta 88 (Come & See Mix)

Tracklisting :

Anchorsong Mother (Tru Thoughts)
Dexter Story feat. Nia Andrews Eastern Prayer (Soundway Records)
Martijn Comes Depths Of The Nile (Daniel Ruane Remix) (The Silent Howl)
Guy Reibel Equilibre Instable (Karlrecords)
Rhythm Baboon Another (Polish Juke)
Lizzo Jang A Lang (BGSW)
Iglooghost feat. Mr Yote Mametchi / Usohachi (Brainfeeder)
DJ Paypal Sold Out (Brainfeeder)
Angel Haze Impossible (Self Released)
Le1f Grace, Alek, Naomi (Terrible Records / XL Recordings)
Miss Red No Guns (Red Label)
Sophie MSMSMSM (Numbers)
Arca Sinner (Mute)
Architect.Sonic Area.Hologram_ A Small Glimpse Into Eternity (Ant-Zen)
Haruyuki Yokoyama Friction (Relax 2000)
Cage Suburbia The Vault (Haunter Records)
O/H All Flesh (Inner Surface Music)
EP-Ktaz Nightmare Hunter (33 Neons)
Akashic Black Rock (Nonlinear Systems)
BuRu Shenanigans (Konstruktiv)
dotwav Unter Tage (KONFLIKT)
DRUMCOMPLEX Tailspin (Complexed Records)
Inner Cystem King With The Beats (Dubtek)
Hawka (Farceb Remix) Stellar (Tripalium Records)
14anger & Dep Affect Eye Trap (Tripalium Records)
Donor (Sleeparchive Remix) Us For Them (Prosthetic Pressings)
dotwav (Charlton Remix) Panic Room (KONFLIKT)
Drumcorps Crosses (Ad Noiseam)
Jaquarius So, You Want To Be A Vampire (Tripalium Records)
Lärmheim One Second Before the Most Blinding Light of All (Lärmheim)
Machine Woman 10.8.15 (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
Omega dB Black Hole (Sofa Tunes)
Pink Abduction Ray Out There (Darkmatter Soundsystem / Praxis Records)
Verset Zero Morbus (Subsist)
Rabit Looming (Tri Angle)
Shapednoise Escalation (Type Recordings)
Chainreactor Torpedo (Pro Noize)
Retrigger Sobre O Estupido Fascismo Cotidiano (Ego Twister)

(Selection, Mix & Photo : Roland Torres)


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