Sound Selekta 87

Sound Selekta 87 (SweetCore Mix)

Tracklisting :

Stefan Gristoff / Post Mortem 5A (Old Bicycle Records)
Lvis Mejía For Those About To Forget (Oqko)
Ancestral Voices La Purga (Samurai Horo)
Johannes Heil Scene Ten (Exile)
Giorgio Gigli Through Leaden Clouds (Electric Deluxe)
Robot Koch feat. Schwarzmodul Night Drive (Monkeytown)
John Lemke Grass Will Grow (Denovali)
Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel The Aviating (Broque)
Tellavision Unimperative (Karlrecords)
Aucan Friends (Kowloon Records)
Strand You Need A Friend (Low Recordings)
Visionist Too Careful To Care (PAN)
Levantis Undr (Technicolour / Ninja Tune)
Cyberchrist Inc On A Binge (Commute Music)
Asfast / Kutin Quolibet (Ventil Records)
Kangding Ray Burning Bridges (Raster-Noton)
Frankyeffe Creepy Mind (Riot Recordings)
Patrick Bolton Long Fuse (Autofake)
Rival Consoles Afterglow (Erased Tapes)
Sayer feat. Boats Steady Fade (Saturate!Records)
OK Zharp feat. Manthe Fede (Hyperdub)
DVA Perxoflyf (Hyperdub)
DJ Taye feat DJ Earl XTCC (Hyperdub)
Shlump Hardcore (Saturate!Records)
DJ Hidden In My Blood (Ad Noiseam)
Killawatt (Eomac Version) Spinal Swarm (Osiris Music UK)
Miss Sunshine Static Punk (NSP Music)
randomDisco Dugz (Tribal Waves)
Nauruan Stranger (BuRu Rework) You (Konstruktiv)
Flug XLR (Micro.fon)
Joton Mental Blank (FORMAT Records)
Mulllr …And Son Of The Dentist (Comfortzone/PROGRESSIVE)
Ontal Entropia (Ad Noiseam)
Stefan Rein Outer Lake (Pure Traxx)
smog Sheffield (Oqko)
Oneirogen Vessel (Denovali)
Philip Jeck And Over Again (Touch)
Zachary Reid My Return To The Ground Will Be Lonely (Precarian Media)

(Selection, mix & photo : Roland Torres)


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