Sound Selekta 86

Sound Selekta 86

Tracklisting :

Secluded Embrace (Secluded)
Lawrence Le Doux Story (VLEK)
HEXN Since Everything Was Anything (Old Bicycle Records)
Claude Whoop (Musique Large)
Beatbully (Inkke Remix) The Sky Is Big (Fine Grains)
Big Grams Drum Machine (Epic)
Conrank Beat The Block (Saturate!Records)
Lean Low feat. Koetry Turn Down (Bad Taste)
Hotheads Woo Haa (Busta Flip) (Medallion Sounds)
Everest Magma Cuarto Sa (Boring Machines)
Less Rosmarie (Broque)
Chevel Low Roof (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Joel Mull Gefarlich (Parabel)
Unjin Expansion (ECI Korea)
Derek Martin You Can Never Go Home (Sheik ‘N‘ Beik Records)
Claudio PRC & RVO Field (Telemorph)
Will Kinsella Check One (Dynamo Recordings)
Tears Of Change Trinacria (Gravite Records)
Hannu Ikola Dynamical Model (Etherwerks)
Dirty Basscore Azid (Credo)
Classic The Fist Trockenschnee (Classic The Fist)
Dungeon Acid The Move (Pär Grindvik Tolkning 2 – Étude) (Stockholm LTD)
Black Rain & Shapednoise Interceptor (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
JK Flesh Nothing Is Free (Avalanche Recordings)
Grischa Lichtenberger arct (Raster-Noton)
Senking Dustclouds (Raster-Noton)
Helena Hauff Tripartite Pact (Werkdiscs)
Jordan louis (Callum Plant Remix) Lepcis (Dead Cert. Records)
Mauro Picotto Time To Wake Up (Mauro Vox) (Alchemy)
Pepe Arcade Sickly (UZB rmx) (White Rose Records)
Victor Martinez Foucault’s Pendulum (More Than Less)
William Welt Stalker (Dead Cert. Records)
Der Amethyst Time Machine Escape (Subsist)
Doc. Luden Looksharp Living Creatures (Furry Heart Records)
Shit And Shine Signal Failure (Editions Mego)
Brutter Radiopuls (Hubro)

(Selection, mix & photo : Roland Torres)



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