Sound Selekta 83

Sound Selekta 83 (XXX Mix)

Tracklisting :

Ben Zimmerman Life Without Liz (Software Recording)

Point Point I Woke Up Sad (Record Record)

Ikué Mori Agate Amulets (Tzadic)

Cio D’Or Zepto (Semantica)

Mønic Hollow Victory (Tresor)

Cem Orlow Lightfield (Soundscapes)

Legiac Mellar Stass (Tympanic Audio)

Danny Scrilla Helium (Cosmic Bridge)

Aliceffekt The Seventh Cardinal (Self Released)

Dressin Red Pools (Donky Pitch)

Ethan Glass Molten Chore (Saturate!Records)

DJ Rashad feat. DJ Manny, DJ Spinn & Taso Do Not Fuck (Hyperdub)

FreshtillDef feat. MoonDoctoR & J. Mundaca Aqua Lung (Freshmoon)

813 Biscuit Place (Hyperboloid)

Hudson Mohawke Lil Djembe (Warp)

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons Message From The Other Side (Crosstown Rebels)

Peder Mannerfelt Flagellation (Archives Intérieures)

Föhn Morning Lights (Plynt Records)

Francesca Belmonte Are You (False Idols)

Jamie XX Hold Tight (Young Turks)

Jessy Lanza, DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad You Never Show Your Love  (Teklife mix) (Hyperdub)

Mad Zach Antimatter Cave (Saturate!Records)

Remo Desert (Yôkai Records)

ØKAPI Monastic Bingo (Onglagoo Records)

Maxime Dangles Pressure (Skryptöm Records)

Spaces Stable (Self Released)

Tokyo Hands Heat (Donky Pitch)

V.C. Black Squirrel White Castle (Raha & Tunteet)

Pinch & Mumdance feat. Riko Dan Big Slug (Tectonic)

Iglooghost & Mr Yote Matcha + Cream (Activia Benz)

Stellar OM Source Sudden (RVNG Intl.)

S.H.I.Z.U.K.A. Full Thottle (Chez Kito Kat)

AnD (Sleeparchive remix) Power Spectrum (Electric Deluxe)

Padna Wolhee (Aagoo/Rev Laboratories)

(Selection, Mix & Photo : Roland Torres)